“Absolutely Not” to “Absolute Must-Have” The Power of Persuasion



As a former Personal Shopper, I loved telling clients about new and exciting brands and beauty products.  A take on the pay-it-forward concept, I guess.

Of course, on the flip-side, it required buy-in on my part right from the get go but what do you do when your usual enthusiasm is snuffed out by the love of your current beauty product obsessions and you are too exhausted to give another product a try?

Let me tell you about a particular occasion where the power of persuasion changed my mind from “Absolutely Not” to “Absolute Must-Have”.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, boo hump day, but we trundled into the boardroom for some product training on a new brand called Sunday Riley, that was launching on the site. Ok, I was curious about the brand but was loving my current products and thought I would never personally be swayed to introduce some new ones into the mix. Yes, you can like a product and think it’s interesting enough and good enough to tell your clients about but I am a tough sell on products for myself and was not in a particularly convincing mood that day. What I didn’t know, was that I about to be amazed!

Product training is always a great way to learn about and test out new products. There is something to be said about the power of demonstration by appealing to the five senses. It draws you into the moment with participation, allows you to touch the product and its packaging, lets you feel the texture, and finally, it can win you over with the sensation of smell.

As the facial oils, cleanser, and moisturizer went around the table, I was definitely feeling myself being drawn in, even against my own will. The oils felt especially amazing on the skin but the number one absolute thing that convinced me that I might actually need this product in my life was the passion and credibility of Sunday Riley herself, the brand’s founder, and CEO.

Sunday explained how she uses her science background to formulate her products using pharmaceutical grade ingredients which provide effective results. She talked us through all the ingredients that she uses and how they work with the skin to correct imbalances, fight the signs of aging, and allow the skin to breathe. Her modus operandi is that she wants the products to deliver results ‘now and later’ and I think this is one of the many benefits that drew me into the products. I really could see some instant visible results, despite my skepticism!

sunday riley products

So, after 60 minutes and equipped with three full-size samples (another persuasion tool), I set out to see if these products could change my world by improving my skin texture, giving me glowing skin and helping with some unwanted lines around my eyes (there I said it)!

Even though I was swayed during the product training, after a couple weeks of using the products, I was so impressed with the results that I ended up buying more after the initial stash was used to the last drop. I also really loved that it was a simple, yet super effective three-step skin care routine, one that I had been searching for all my adult life.

After settling in with my new products and routine, I then decided to try the Breathable Tinted Primer which also ended up being the perfect solution for my combination of oily, yet dehydrated skin that also needs anti-aging assistance. It provided enough coverage but left my skin to breathe.

I must say that if you are searching for a simple skin care routine and products that really work, then I truly recommend trying the Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, Good Genes, Ceramic Slip Cleanser, and the Breathable Tinted Primer.

Sunday Riley products can be found online at Sephora, NET-A-PORTER.COM, and Sundayriley.com




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