Welcome to the Style-Dock

The Style-Dock represents an actual dock in my city. A physical place where I love to go, to do nothing but let the world go by, or a place where everything is happening and you never know who you will meet. Maybe it’s a Sunday afternoon or a lovely summer night, it doesn’t matter, just come as you are!

It is my launch pad for stories and ideas about the world of fashion and beauty, about culture, travel, and style. But it’s also a mooring to ground and collect all my adventures, friendships and funny stories that I have gathered along the way.

I want to share my point of view with intelligence and wit, to engage a global community of like-minded people who love life. I will offer up stories from Fashion Week, highlight trends, style tips, let you know what’s happening in Winnipeg, London, and New York, take you to new restaurants (because we all love food), let you know about cool cities that I love and hopefully you will love them too, and talk about money because every woman needs to have a good relationship with her bank account.

Source: Vogue.com

If this sounds like you, then drop by the Style-Dock, read a story, get inspired by a daily quote in the DOCK-U-MENT section, have a laugh and leave your comments, because I want to learn and be inspired by you, as well. Don’t get discouraged by my empty menu headings, they will soon be brimming with interesting articles, images, and videos, that I will update on a regular basis. I promise that I will carry my phone and camera around, at all times!

If you want to follow Style-Dock, just click the link on the right-hand menu and soon you will be able to follow me on Instagram.

Come back soon, to get my full report on Crafted, the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s craft show, that is happening this weekend in Winnipeg, October 28 and 29.

I look forward to seeing you…

Sharmon x

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