3 Must-Have Natural Beauty Products To Get You Through The Holidays

Source: Inquisitr.com

Hooray, its December! This phrase can either bring feelings of joy or dread into our lives, in the build up to Christmas and the holiday season.

Regardless of which feeling it evokes in you, here are three of my fave products that you can throw into your handbag, to help you get through the cold weather and the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Being a beauty product junkie myself, I love finding new products, so I am excited to share these with you! The first product, I have recently just discovered, the second product is from a small company in Saskatoon, that I swear is better than a top brand at Sephora, and the third product is from a bricks and mortar shop, so is available to purchase and use today!

What I love about these products, is that they contain all natural ingredients but do not skimp on effectiveness. Added synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, and animal testing are all nasty things found in big mainstream brands, but if you dig a little deeper, there are some wonderful products from niche companies that are equal to or superior to the big heavy-hitters.

1. Kosas –
I recently discovered this LA-based, niche brand that only does one product – lipstick, so you know it is going to be great…and it certainly does not disappoint! The lipsticks are made by hand using natural ingredients, come in eight shades, and are perfectly hydrating. Thrillest, has saturated pigments and is the perfect matte red lipstick for a daytime pick-me-up while shopping for presents or for that all important holiday party.

Source: Kosas.com

2. Northlore – Based out of Saskatoon, these products are all natural plant based and are wildcrafted or grown in a community garden. One of my favourite products is Rosehip Seed Facial Serum. I use it morning and night when I wash my face but also carry it around throughout the winter to combat the harsh cold and drying air that can play havoc with your skin.

Source: northloregoods.com

3. Lush – Another handbag must-have is Sleepy hand lotion. This little pot of heaven contains lavender and moisturizing almond oil that takes the stress of the day. My hands are notoriously dry and this product does the trick without being sticky.

Source: lush.ca 

Check the list of beauty brands below, to help you shop for cruelty-free brands.


Source: pinterest.com


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